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What We Do


Our initial meetings are all about listening; listening and learning about our clients  goals and objectives.
Prior to commencement of the development process, it is imperative that proper research is performed to identify the developments key advantages and disadvantages. Once completed, we combine our research, vision and experience with our client’s goals and objectives to determine the best overall strategy. By using the Buss Marketing “Critical Path Analysis” we clearly define the exact strategy necessary to establish the most feasible and profitable approach. In addition to reviewing the overall marketability of the project, our group will ensure that the final product reflects the needs and desires of buyers in the targeted market niches.


Buss Marketing puts a high priority on design by bringing the buyer to the boardroom. With years of experience and feedback from thousands of buyers Buss Marketing is well positioned to represent the buyer’s interest both on current and future trends. Buss Marketing will work with the Developer/Architect design team to ensure the ideas chosen are saleable to the buying public.


Because today’s purchasers are sophisticated, the Developer must be mindful as to how product is showcased. Just as people are unique, so is real estate. We understand that when a product is properly positioned it will be easier to sell and command a higher price. From concept to production, our marketing team delivers project specific marketing materials designed to catch attention and stimulate interest.

Whether it’s online, in print or in person our marketing materials are designed to make buyers feel comfortable, confident and inspired to move forward with their purchase.


We understand that a company is only as good as its people. When it comes to hiring and training sales staff for a particular real estate development, Buss marketing makes no exceptions in selecting only the right sales staff. The people we choose for each development are experienced, capable and committed to delivering results. By using a proven management and training system, Buss Marketing ensures that the sales process is as efficient and effective as possible.